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Rockhampton State High School

Rockhampton State High School was founded in 1919 and moved to its present position 1 Campbell Street in 1960. At our school, we assist students to grow and develop by offering a strong culture of support and by providing a wide range of opportunities.


We believe that quality relationships between students, the school, parents and the community are essential to ensuring the progress of students.


Our Mission:

  • Traditional Values, Future Success

  • Inspiring Through Opportunity

  • Developing Leaders 


         Our Vision:

R    Respect

O    Opportunity

C    Challenge

K    Knowledge

S    Success 


We believe that school life is greatly enriched when students become engaged in life outside the classroom and take advantage of the full range of extra and co-curricular activities on offer.


We have high expectations of staff, students and parents regarding attendance, behaviour and engagement with the educational program.

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